Fitness made for EVERYONE! Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn fitness

fundamentals or an athlete working to enhance your athletic performance.

Our team can help you reach your goals!



Ready Up Fitness & Training takes care of all your workout & nutrition with online & in person training
Training will be based on the individual and will be made available in the Trainerize app for convenience. This allows you to view your workouts easily from your phone while at the gym and also allows your trainer to check progress. 
Cardio, WILL be part of your program! We know this is not everybody's favorite, so we keep it to as little as possible. We prefer our clients to do things they enjoy such as, hiking, going for walks, bike rides, play basketball or any other activity you enjoy that gets the heart rate up. If those things aren't in the cards we tend to opt for HIIT cardio so it will short and sweet. 
We provide both macro plans and full meal plans. We STRONGLY recommend our clients to use a digital food scale for accuracy. This is not required, however, the more accurate we can be the better results we can acquire in the long run. Meal plans will be created based on the individual and will be made available through the Trainerize app.



"Josh is remarkable! Truly amazed at the difference he has made in my life. 4 years ago I had to learn to walk again from a bad horse riding accident. I am back riding and jumping but my core was nonexistent and stamina weak. His guidance and attention to my needs has given me the tools to be the best rider I have ever been!! He pushes me to excel! He encourages me when I think I have no more. I told Josh what I hoped for and he has given me that and more!!!! What a gift he is, Thank you Josh!!!!"

Michele W.

"If your looking for a way to ACCOMPLISH your 2022 health and fitness resolution. Josh is your guy. He is super easy to work with. He will keep you accountable and encourage you to live a better, healthy lifestyle this year. His program will inspire you to workout even when your not working out with him. I really encourage you to check out his program. I've lost 15 pounds and I look forward to working out every day."

Leslie F

Josh is a terrific trainer. I started 6 months ago after not working out for over 20 years. It was scary, to say the least. Josh eased my in & made me feel comfortable. He is motivating and makes it fun. 6 months later, and I feel proud of myself and stronger! I enjoy not knowing what the workout will be or what it will look like. Are you looking to better yourself? Call Josh today. You won't regret it!

Emily R

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